What would it take to Snare You?
A Mastro Snare Drum, hand crafted in Brass, Copper or Bronze to suit your needs!
The Mastro Snare Drum is designed for the individual, Custom made from the finest quality materials, each drum is a product of the age old tradition of hand crafting.
As a result, each drum has a unique sound and each is guaranteed to last a lifetime.
Mastro Snare Drums are the creation of professional drummer Lucio Mastro, a drummer for more than 30 years.
Because Lucio could NOT FIND a snare drum with a sound he liked, he decided to make his own.
Others have looked at the early products he made from Brass Copper, and Bronze, decided to get Lucio to make drums and drum kits for them also, and was birthed the idea to go into a small, but high quality product made from metals, instead of the cheaper short lived wooden types from the Asian region.

Mastro Snare Drums has been quietly producing these high quality snare drums and drum kits for over 30 years now, and Lucio still enjoys the satisfaction of each individual drum he produces.

A Product for those who WANT only the best at an affordable price